Wholesale Belt Buckles

Belt buckles are an accessory that complements your clothes beautifully. Belt buckles produced by Eyka Metal for many years with great experience are exported to the whole world. We produce wholesale belt buckles and supply belt buckles all over the world. Our belt buckles are produced by using zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is a very durable and robust alloy. Therefore it is used in the production of belt buckles. Eyka Metal Turkey's best belt buckles manufacturer and supplier For more information, please contact with us.
Wholesale Belt Buckles

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Wholesale Belt Buckles

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Made of leather, fabric and similar material, the waist is tied around the waist with the two ends of the belt is called a belt. There are many different belt buckles including square, rectangular, round, patterned and inscribed. Belt buckles are made of different parts. Strap, buckle and loop are the basic parts of the belt. The part that we call the belt is the part that makes up the whole belt. The part that is attached to the end of the belt is the belt buckle. The belt buckle is the most important part of the belt. Because it is the belt buckle that keeps the belt on our waist. You can add elegance to your clothes with belt buckle. Because belt buckles can be produced for every kind and every style.

If we talk about the belt buckle parts in detail, let's explain this. Belt buckle consists of separate parts. Frame, Prong, Bar and Loop parts. The loop part may not be present on every belt buckle. Frame part is the frame – basic part of the belt buckle. The frame can be of different shapes as mentioned above. It can be rectangular, square, round or inscribed. This depends entirely on the customer's demand. You can reflect your style with belt buckles which can be produced specially upon request. We provide you to use your clothes as a whole by exporting belt buckle to the best brands of the world.

https://www.eykametal.com/ is one of the leading companies in the production of wholesale plain belt buckles, sport belt buckles and classic belt buckles. www.eykametal.com/product/classic-belt-buckles/ Our company, which exports to all over the world, is one of the leading manufacturers of cheap belt buckles. If you ask how to get cheap and quality belt buckle, you can find the answer with us. We can also produce wholesale cowboy belt buckles.

Belt buckles, which can be produced / manufactured from many different materials, are mostly produced from zinc alloy and brass alloy. Belt buckles produced especially by using zinc alloy are of high quality. Because zinc alloy due to its structure does not rust and is an accessory that can last for many years. Among these accessories, the most sold buckles are among the most produced products today.

Belt buckle, after  watch and badge the most remarkable male accessory. So it is quite a lot of use. Men who want to attract attention with style should prefer different and custom design belt buckles. Their preferred belt buckles should be of good quality. In order to be of high quality, it is necessary to use zinc alloy material in production.

Zinc alloy are mainly examined under two main headings: Casting Alloys and Wrought Alloys; Unlike the group of machinable alloys, which include alloys formed by zinc, lead, copper and cadmium, the alloys in the casting alloys group are divided into two in themselves. While the amount of 4Al% is important in traditional zinc casting, Znc (Zinc-Aluminum) casting alloys have different alloys depending on the amount of aluminum (weight percentage) (Znc8, Znc12, Znc27) .

Zinc alloys are in the group of conventional casting alloys. Founded by New Jersey Cooperation in 1929 for the first time, this alloy was produced by adding 95% to 99.995% zinc metal, 4% aluminum and different amounts of copper metal. It is named after the initials of the German alloy: Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Kupfer. Standards have been established by different countries to define the properties of zinc metal in the alloy.

Zinc; Also known as Zamac. The Zinc brand was the name of the Zinc alloy family. It is the alloying of zinc with Al, Mg and Cu elements. Zinc alloys are part of the zinc aluminum alloy family. It is distinguished from other zinc aluminum alloys because it contains 4% Al.

The name Zinc consists of abbreviations of some German metals. These;

  • Z: Zinc,
  • Al: Aluminum (Aluminum),
  • Ma: Magnesium and
  • K / C: It consists of Kupfer (Copper).

The most common Zinc alloy is Zinc3, but Zinc2, Zinc5 and Zinc7 are commercially used. Zinc3 and Zinc5 are used throughout the casting industry.

Zinc; hardness, durability, strength, economic pourability, easy coating retention, such as the area of use is more preferred.

Zinc is suitable for electrolysis coating, chromate coating and wet paint applications.

As Eyka Metal we are manufacturing wholesale belt buckles for sale. At the same time we are manfuacturing vintage belt buckles wholesale. For more information please contact us for cheap belt buckles.

People especially mens who will combine with belt buckles should pay attention;

Especially in suits, shoes and belts must match in both material and color. One is not brown and one is not black. The same color will have the same brightness level. This rule also applies, as I mentioned above, if you want to wear jeans. On the other hand, there are dual-tone, worn-looking shoes. The appropriate belt can be followed for them. Shoe shades of light or dark can match the belt. So it doesn't distract too much.

There are many manufacturers in the world where you can buy belt buckles. However, such an important accessory must be produced in a quality way. Eyka Metal is the answer to the question of where to buy belt buckles with produced the latest technology machines. Our distribution and shipment network is very wide. You can reach us easily from our contact information and you can get detailed information about wholesale belt buckle prices from us. Please contact us for custom made belt buckles.

For more; https://www.eykametal.com/custom-belt-buckles/

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