Our company has reached these days by taking an unfaltering step in the sector in 2002. Eyka Metal, which provides the necessary satisfaction in the domestic market, is growing in the foreign market as well. In order to be a strong competitor in the sector, we have certain principles such as providing customer satisfaction, focusing on solutions, giving importance to research and development studies, ensuring personnel motivation, making production suited to the conditions and transferring the developing technology in the sector in the fastest and right way.


Our company, which adopts as a principle of high quality production technology, quick, cost efficient but high quality supply ability and unconditional customer satisfaction with sufficient experience in the sector, serves more and more companies both in domestic and abroad. In the sector, we are continuing with quality work force achieving the goal that is not being follower but to be followed.


While we are conributing to our country’s economy, being a brand with a high competitive power in the world markets and the first supplier to come to mind in all sectors where metal accessories are needed.

Eyka Metal : Best Belt Buckle Company ...

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