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As Eyka Metal, we produce custom belt buckles for you. We can produce our belt buckles in different designs and patterns according to your request. our belt buckles most suitable belt buckles for your style and combination. We are the custom belt buckle manfuacturer in Turkey. Our product portfolio is quite high. If you are review our website you can easily see details. And, we are working based in Istanbul Turkey. We have the potential to export to every part of the world. We are a growing business every day and customer satisfaction is more important to us than anything else.
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As Eyka Metal, we use zinc alloy material to produce our belt buckles. Zinc alloy is a very durable material for belt buckles. Belt buckle that are used outdoors must be resistant to bad weather. Thanks to the Zinc alloy belt buckles, your combination will always look glowing. Because zinc material;

  • Stainless
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Color does not fade.
  • Always shines brightly.
  • Durable
  • The most widely used alloy for belt buckle production.

Zinc alloy is one of the most used materials for belt buckles today. Because as mentioned above, zinc alloy is a very durable and robust alloy. There are 4 kinds of elements in the alloy. These zinc alloy composition; 95% zinc, 2% copper, 2% aluminum, 1% magnesium. These elements also contribute to the strength of the zinc alloy.

The zinc alloy generally has a blue - white mixture color and is very bright. This is one of the most important reasons for its use in belt buckles manufacturing. Because the color is always vivid and bright. The fact that it has stainless properties is another important reason for its use in this sector. Because the non-rusting belt buckle always shines and attracts everyone's attention. This is particularly important if we are talking about specially designed men's belt buckles.

Your belt buckles should be custom for you. Therefore, you should not choose designs that are preferred by everyone. Especially for men belt buckle is the most important part of clothing combinations. Because men use only belt buckles as accessories. So the belt buckles should be unusual belt buckles.

There are many different types of belt buckles used today. They all reflect a different style. As Eyka Metal we;

We produce the above-mentioned models. We can also produce these models as custom belt buckles for you. There are also many different models of belt buckles. The most known are rodeo / cowboy / western belt buckles.

All of them are special and beautiful design products are sure to dazzle. We are among the leading companies in the production of mens belt buckles. Our expertise is men's belt buckle, belt screw and bag (hook ) accessories.

If you are looking for expertise of belt buckles for men we are the right choice for you.

We have been manufacturing belt buckles since 2002 and we are constantly increasing our customer potential. We are proud of working with many different companies in Turkey and abroad to ensure their satisfaction. Always increase the durability of our products by using the latest technological machines.

Belt buckles were invented by the Romans in ancient times. The first known belt buckle has the letter D. America has the greatest impact on the development of belt buckles. America has created a new style belt buckles types by producing many different models and designs of these belt buckles. As mentioned above;

  • Custom Western belt buckles
  • Rodeo belt buckles
  • Cowboy belt buckles

American belt buckle is one of the most important pieces of culture. As Eyka Metal, we offer you quality unique belt buckles at an affordable price. If you are looking for cheap belt buckles and cool belt buckles we are the true address for your. We are the belt buckles manufacturers to all over the world. Also if you are looking for belt buckle shop we are here to serve you.

It is possible to encounter with many companies in the sector where you to buy belt buckles. There are 2 important points to consider here.

First; Quality belt buckles manufacturing

What we want to talk about here is the raw material of the belt buckle and the machines used in production. As we mentioned above, we produce our belt buckles using high quality zinc alloy. Together with our research and development team, we continue our production by identifying the latest technology machines.

Secondly; Customer satisfaction and happiness

As Eyka Metal, we always strive to produce the exact product they want by establishing a good communication with our customers. Because it is important for us to provide your satisfaction. Our goal is to increase our customer potential every year to work with every country in the world. You can trust us to till the end.

We have also 11 types of belt buckles colors. Especially we used in free nicel in our color table. Our color board is;

  1. Antique Tin
  2. Antique Yellow
  3. Free Gold Satin
  4. Milenium Satin
  5. Free Gold
  6. Free Nicel White
  7. Mat Free White
  8. Free Nicel White Satin
  9. Free Nicel Black
  10. Mat Free Black
  11. Free Nicel Black Satin

And also we should express to the quality certification. All our products has an ISO 9001 quality certifications. Our shipment time is 7 days Istanbul to Europe.

For more information, please contact us.

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