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The belt is a very beautiful accessory. You can use a belt with both your daily clothes and a stylish evening dress that you will wear at night. The same is true for men. You can make a difference whether you are using daily sports clothes or suits and belts. It is possible to find belts in different models and designs. Of course, the most important part of the belt buckle is the belt buckle. Absorbent buckle must be stainless steel and durable. In this way, your belt looks better. As Eyka Metal, we manufacture stainless steel belt buckles within the belt buckle sector. With our superior experience in the industry, we can export wholesale belt buckles to the whole world. You can have detailed information about the stainless steel belt buckle with the following questions.
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Stainless steel is a preferred steel type due to its corrosion resistance. This type of steel contains a certain amount of chromium to be named as stainless. The chromium in the steel causes the steel to form a thin film called chromium-oxide when it comes into contact with oxygen.

This thin film protects the steel against rust and is called steel stainless steel with a certain amount of chromium content. Besides, many different elements added to the steel can lead to an increase or decrease of the corrosion resistance of the steel.

For example, nickel added to the steel combines with the chrome element to make stainless steel stronger against rust. Likewise, when the molybdenum element combines with chrome and nickel, its corrosion resistance is increased even more. On the other hand, the increase in the ratio of elements such as sulfur and carbon in the steel decreases the corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation in many natural and man-made environments. However, choosing the right quality and type of stainless steel is very important for each particular application. The first step in the selection of quality begins with a detailed analysis and definition of all possible and existing working conditions to which stainless steel will be exposed at the design stage.

As Eyka, the materials we use in the production of stainless steel belt buckles are selected from materials that are not harmful to health. We do not use nickel mixture in the production of the belt buckle. We produce nickel-free products in case people are allergic to nickel.

All stainless steels have certain corrosion resistance, and there is no such thing as stainless or corrosion in every environment, in any environment. Corrosion resistance is at a certain rate for each stainless steel, and materials used in environments worse than that may corrode or corrode or completely melt.

Finally, you can examine the short descriptions of the most commonly used elements in stainless steel and the effects of these elements on the stainless product from the short descriptions below.

  • Chromium

It is the most important element required for chromium steel to acquire a stainless feature. This element, which forms a chromium oxide layer in case of contact with oxygen, prevents the contact of steel with oxygen. In this way, the steel becomes resistant to rust. If we increase the amount of chromium in the steel, the corrosion resistance of the steel will be increased to that extent.

  • Nickel

It is an element that should be in a nickel stainless and constitutes almost 90% of the cost of stainless steel. Nickel added into the steel combines with chrome to provide a chrome-nickel composition. When this composition comes into contact with oxygen, a much stronger layer is formed, which makes stainless steel materials highly resistant to corrosion. Also; Nickel is also a frequently preferred but very expensive element as it facilitates the processing of steel.

Note: As a stainless steel belt buckle supplier, our products are made of nickel-free materials and have no harm to health.

  • Carbon

It is the most important element that gives the steel its hardness. In addition to being an element that greatly increases the strength of carbon steel, it is also an element that reduces the elasticity of steel. Stainless steel with higher carbon becomes more fragile and more durable. We must increase the carbon ratio to increase strength, and decrease the carbon ratio to increase elasticity. Carbon also significantly affects the processing of steel. High-carbon steels are easier to process since the chips of high-carbon steels are broken during machining.

Stainless steels should be cleaned before use. Contaminated deposits on the surfaces of this type of steel may cause rust on the stainless steel in the future. It can be cleaned with a clean cloth and water, or with special cleaning solutions. However, the point to be considered here is the removal of water or solvent residues from the surface after cleaning. Because the water droplets on the surface can locally corrode the steel.

Besides, stainless steel should be cut off from the soil during storage and kept away from the places where carbon steels are stored or processed. Because as soon as any carbon steel shavings come into contact with stainless steel, rust can begin on stainless steel.

For example; If the purchased stainless pipes are stored to be exposed to rain on the soil, some rainwater will accumulate inside the pipes.

A common misconception in use is the idea that this type of steel will never rust. If stainless steels are not stored in an isolated environment, they will rust after a certain period.

Stainless steel belt buckles can also be cleaned with the help of cloth in this way. An isolated belt and belt buckle can be used for many years without rust.

As a result;

  • Our belt buckles in different sizes can be produced specially for you. (Such as 32mm belt buckle, 60mm belt buckle.)
  • As a supplier of stainless steel belt buckle, you can trust us and contact us for wholesale belt buckle manufacture.

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