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Our aim is to be a company that is not followed in the sector. As a belt buckle manufacturers, our most important principle is to produce high quality durable products. We can export our belt buckles in every region of the world. Our desire is to produce a wide variety of belt buckles to cater to every segment. Our production and distribution network is very wide. The products you demand from us are produced as soon as possible and delivered to you.
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Unique belt buckles are not just a tool for holding our trousers. It is also a fashion product you will carry on. Belt buckles, which are closely followed by different fashion trends, are manufactured to suit every segment. That's why the most fun part of our article starts here because we'll meet many different belt buckles here.

  1. Rodeo Belt Buckles

It is a vintage-style belt buckle where you can usually see the bull and the human figure on it. Buckles that can be made in different colors and designs can also be written on. If you want to add vintage air to your boiler, the cool belt buckle is for you.

  1. Cowboy Belt Buckles

As the name suggests, it is produced similar to the belt buckles found in the characters we watch in cowboy movies. Like a rodeo belt buckle, the cowboy belt buckle adds a vintage feel to your combination. There are usually bull figures on cowboy belt buckles. Star and letter figures can also be made on it to get a more cool style. Different colors and designs can be made.

  1. Customized Belt Buckles

Eyka Metal is able to produce customized belt buckles for our valued customers. In order to provide this, you just need to sort the product or send us a picture. We produce highly innovative and fashionable belt buckles with our customized belt buckles.

  1. Classic Belt Buckles

Classic belt buckles are a product that you can wear on the suit. Thanks to the classic belt buckles, which have a very elegant and simple design, your suit will look more modern. As we mentioned, belt buckles not only hold your clothes, but can also make you an icon of a fashion world. These buckles, especially worn on leather belts, will make you the most stylish man of your place.

  1. Sport Belt Buckles

Sport belt buckles are usually a product you can choose for your daily combination. For example, one day when you wear jeans, shirts and T-shirts, you can choose sports belt buckles. It will add a sporty and special look to your boiler.

We cannot finish counting the models of belt buckles because there are millions of varieties and as the production process continues, new ones are added. The important point here is to decide what materials the belt buckles should be made of.

Belt Buckle Manufacturers in Turkey

We, as Eyka Metal, have been in this sector for nearly 20 years and have been in all domestic and foreign business partnerships. We are committed to providing all the necessary satisfaction. Apart from our belt buckles, bag accessories, belt screws and wristband clips, we are expanding our product portfolio day by day. The answer to the question of where to buy belt buckles is definitely Eyka Metal.

We work with a result-oriented approach to production based on customer satisfaction. We continue our business knowing that our customers are happy to work with us. Together with our highly energy and motivated staff, we create mastery products. We provide you best services with most affordable prices. If you are looking for cheap belt buckles you can contact with us.

For more information, please contact us.

If you are looking for a belt buckle manufacturer, you should especially choose manufacturers that use zinc alloy. Because zinc is a very durable and high quality material. Many different materials are used in the formation of the zinc alloy. Zinc takes its name from the initials of German zinc (Zinc), aluminum (Aluminum), magnesium (Magnesium) and copper (Kupfer). As you can see, the zinc alloy is formed using highly resistant materials. The reason why we talk about zamak material is that the belt buckle should be made of zinc material. Because of zinc alloy;

  • Long service life.
  • Low energy costs for production.
  • Easy to process on the machine.
  • Can be produced in desired molds.
  • Very firm and hard product.
  • Stainless and resistant to bad weather conditions.

That's why as Eyka Metal we produce our products using zinc alloy. As mentioned above, the material is quite an excellent material especially for the production of zinc belt buckle. Zinc is extremely robust, break, flex and break resistant alloy is a very widely used in the belt accessory industry.

Belt buckles are an accessory used to secure our belts. As Eyka Metal, we are a manufacturer of men's belt buckles. There are many different kinds of belt buckles. Especially, Custom belt buckles which have been popular in recent years can be produced by us.

Belt buckles are specially manufactured to better reflect our style and combination. With belt buckles that are always bright and vivid, you can be the flamboyant man of your environment.

Belt buckles are an accessory found centuries ago by the Romans. Belt buckles, which had more ancient models at that time, can be in different shapes today.
Men's belt buckles, which continue to develop in America, are more famous for cowboys, rodeo and western belt buckles.
Today, more classic, plate and sport belt buckles are used.

For more information please contact with us. Eyka Metal is the best belt buckles manufacturer in Turkey.

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