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Brass is the general name of yellow alloys obtained by adding zinc to copper. Some other elements that can be found in brass are tin, lead, nickel, manganese, iron, aluminum, arsenic, antimony and phosphorus.
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Brass mine was discovered before Christ; however, the place and date it was discovered is an unknown mine. Brass alloy was obtained as a result of mixing copper and zinc ore in 16th century AD.

The Romans used the brass mine for armor in ship parts, from jewelery to belt buckle. After the loss of Roman lands in northern Europe, declining rice production revived during the Carolingian period. At that time, brass alloy, lamps, bowls, jugs and other types of household goods were made. After the 16th century, brass plates were made. New gold and silver ornaments, brass chandeliers, candlesticks were made using brass alloy and sold to many parts of the world. In addition, brass was used for wall and sundial construction.

Brass can also be used in astronomy, geodesy, maritime and so on. became the basic material of scientific tools used in such fields.

  • Brass is a copper alloy with zinc.

Copper and zinc ore are used together to produce a brass mine that is as hard and solid as bronze and whose color is golden and yellow and bright. The brass alloy most similar to gold is a copper alloy containing 20% ​​zinc. Zinc content in rice can be increased up to 40%; however, as the zinc of the rice multiplies, the color of the substance becomes white and loses its brightness.

The brass alloy is as hard and strong as bronze; can not be processed without annealing. If it is desired to forge very thin sheets of brass, the zinc content in the alloy must be reduced, but in this case the mineral loses its strength and luster.

In the Islamic mining art, brass has been used extensively since the third quarter of the 12th century in addition to bronze and especially in the production of the forging technique.

Arabic copper is called “nuhas“ copper-tin (bronze) alloy “surf;; for copper-zinc (brass) alloy, the words “shabah” and bakır nuhas asfar kullanılır are used. Is derived from the word “shabaha;; meaning “gold-like mine“.

Nowadays brass belt buckle production is quite common. Turkey's largest  buckle suppliers and manufacturer of brass belt buckle & all over the world are able to export  as Eyka Metal. One of the materials used in making belt buckle for men is brass alloy. Please contact us for more information.

It is known as a metal alloy made of a combination of brass, copper and zinc. When producing brass alloy, brass can be made harder or softer by changing the amount of copper and zinc. Some metals are added to the alloy to improve the machinability and corrosion resistance of the brass alloy. These; aluminum, lead and arsenic.

As mentioned above, it is possible to change its properties by adding different metals to the brass alloy. Depending on the chemical composition of the materials used, more yellow, harder, softer, stronger or more corrosion-resistant materials are produced. For example;

  • Brass usually consists of a color close to gold. Copper is red.
  • To change the gold color, you can add 1 percent manganese to the brass alloy to change the alloy from brass to hot chocolate-brown.
  • The name of this color is nickel silver.
  • Lead material is added to brass alloy to make the alloy softer.
  • In some environments, arsenic may be added to make the brass material more durable.
  • Tin material contributes to the strength and hardness of the brass.

Brass stainless. It is combined with special materials against corrosion. It is one of the most resistant products against corrosion. Therefore, brass is used in the manufacturing of belt buckles. Belt buckles must be resistant to corrosion as they are constantly in contact with air and can be wetted from bad weather conditions.

  • For this reason, the most widely used in the production of belt buckle zinc alloy and brass alloy.

So;  Eyka Metal Turkey’s largest manufacturer and supplier of belt buckle export to all over the world.

Brass is the most important alloy of copper and copper-zinc alloy. This zinc alloy has a wide usage area because the price of zinc is lower than copper. In the brass materials used in the art, the amount of copper must be at least 54%. At lower amounts of copper, the material becomes very hard and brittle. Materials containing more than 70% copper are called yellow. Also, all the brass materials are called yellow because their color is yellow.

  • In industry, brass alloy is mainly used because of its good corrosion resistance and decorative appearance due to its yellow color.

It is also used as a bullet capsule and fine mechanics in electrical armatures and arms industry. It can be supplied as rod, profile, sheet and tubular and semi-finished.

Can be combined with soldering and welding. The surface of the materials can be polished very well and can also be electrolytically or galvanically coated.

Copper and brass are materials with different properties. The most important difference is that these two substances have different physical and chemical properties. To give an example of musical instruments;

  • Musical instruments made of brass produce brighter and higher pitched sound.
  • Copper produces softer tones.

To summarize;

  1. Copper usually resembles a red color, and brass usually resembles a yellow color because it contains zinc.
  2. Brass alloy is harder and copper is softer.
  3. Brass is lighter than copper.
  4. Electrical conductivity of copper is better than brass alloy.

As you can see, the brass mine is widely used and is very important for belt buckle production. Eyka Metal produces double prong brass buckle for men and brass buckle leather belt. If you are looking for belt buckles for sale and  For more information, please www.eykametal.comEyka Metal, the largest buckle supplier & manufacturer.

Some rice containing manganese is also called bronze. It is actually a bronze (or bronze) copper-tin alloy. Rice is very tough and easy to process. The malleability depends on the copper content. As Eyka Metal, we are the manufacturer of brass alloy belt buckle. We are a very old and experienced company in the sector. Turkey's largest buckle suppliers. We manufacture zinc alloy and brass belt buckles and export them all over the world.

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