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As Eyka, we also proved our success in belt buckle manufacturing. As you know, our belt buckles are produced by using zinc alloy and brass alloy. In the same way, our wholesale bracelets are manufactured by using zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is a very durable and robust alloy. Therefore, it is frequently used especially in jewelry and accessories industry. Our bracelets are produced in 3 different sizes as small, medium and large. Our wristbands / bracelets have standard diameters. Diameter of 6 cm for small, 6.5 cm for medium and 7 cm for large are standard. But depending on customer demand, we have different sizes of bracelet jewelry production. As wholesale bracelets manufacturers we are here to give you best services. We are experienced and professional as wholesale bracalets manufacturers, so you can contact with us for build a good partnerships.
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Zinc based alloy is an alloy known for its durability. Therefore, especially in the jewelry industry is a very nice solution. The easiest way to produce more strong and durable jewelry for the consumer is to use zinc alloy. So the zinc alloy is the perfect solution for wholesale bracelets. Now we will learn about zinc alloy properties and advantages for bracelets and jewelry industry.

As Eyka we are one of the best wholesale bracelets manufacturers in this sector. We are working in Turkey and we are wholesale bracelets exporters for you.

  • Zinc is a heavy metal with a density of 7.14 g / cm 3 which melts at 419 degrees, has good casting properties and good resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
  • Zinc having hexagonal lattice structure is not suitable for plastic deformation and does not cause problems due to its low recrystallization temperature.
  • Purity grades of pure zinc range from 97.5% to 99.95% and are standardized in DIN 1706.
  • 99% pure zinc is used as the main component of pressure die casting alloys.
  • Since the position of zinc in the electrochemical voltage series is far from prime, the protective layer of hydroxide and carbonate mixture is formed on the surface by the effect of humid air or water in natural conditions.
  • Steel and cast iron can be coated with zinc because of this layer which reduces corrosion rate.
  • There is a danger of corrosion of zinc in acid and strong alkali solutions, such as distilled or condensed water and water vapor.
  • It is objectionable for zinc containers to come into contact with food.
  • In aqueous solutions, zinc acts as a sacrificial (disposable) anode for cathodic protection of steel, due to the fact that the electrochemical tension is more negative compared to iron and the suitability of transition to solution.
  • Major die casting alloys; DB-ZnAl 4 and DB-ZnAl 4Cu are 1.
  • 4% Al addition to zinc; as well as providing toughness to the material, zinc also reduces the effect of erosion of steel casting molds.

So, zinc alloy is good for jewelry. If you are looking for custom wristbands manufacturer we are best choice for you. Our custom wristband has long usage life and has aesthetic apppearence. 

As mentioned above, zinc alloy is a very durable alloy. This is due to the components used in production. Different components are used to produce the zinc alloy. As wholesale bracelets manufacturers we are using zinc alloy to manufacture best qualiy bracelets and wristbands.

  • Highly durable alloy.
  • Produced in many countries of the world. There are many manufacturers in Turkey. They are produced and sold in India and China.
  • DB-ZnAl 4Cu 1 alloy containing copper is artificially aged before being machined to its final dimensions in order to prevent the increase in size caused by aging.
  • Copper added to zinc forms solid solution and provides strength increase.
  • In order to prevent intergranular corrosion, pressure casting alloys should contain 0.02% - 0.06% Mg.
  • Zinc alloys have a 50% share in the pressure casting area.
  • Pressure die casting alloys are ideal for casting small parts of complex shape. Operating temperatures and strength values ​​should not exceed 100 C0 as they decrease rapidly.
  • The most important alloy of zinc is zinc, whose main components are zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. Alloys such as zinc 3- zinc 5 have different hardness and alloy elements are present in different ratios in alloys.
  • Alloy Zinc, German zinc, found in the 1920s by The New Jersey Zinc Company
  • (Zinc), aluminum (Aluminum), magnesium (Magnesium) and copper (Kupfer) is a name created from the initials.
  • Zinc plating of steel and cast iron is carried out by hot-dip and electrolytic coating methods.
  • In hot-dip method; transition between base material and zinc
  • Fe-Zn alloys occur in the region. The thickness of the intermediate layers depends on the bath temperature as well as the immersion time and the molten composition which is gradually enriched in iron.
  • By adding about 0.1% Al to the liquid metal, the thickness of the zinc and alloy regions which solidify on the surface is reduced.
  • High temperature heating of unfavorable base materials or size
  • For small parts whose tolerances should be kept narrow, the electrolytic method is used. Thus, a more uniform coating without intermediate layer can be obtained.

So as you can see zinc alloy is the most durable materials for wholesale bracelets manufacturing. Eyka Metal knowns as best wholesale bracelets manufacturers. As the supplier of bracelets we are here to give best services to you.

There are many companies selling wholesale bracelets. The important thing here is to decide on the company you will buy the wholesale bracelet. As Eyka we offer you the best quality and durable wristbands / bracelets. We produce embroidered bracelets in different styles with different bracelet cords and present them to your appreciation.

Depending on your request and the picture you send us, we have the potential to produce the desired bracelets. Together with our professional team and team mates, we use high-tech machines. We are manufacturing our wholesale bracelets drom zinc alloy and brass alloy.

Now let us give you information about 2020 trend bracelets models.

This season, bracelets, beadwork, fine and small stone chains, wicker and wooden bohemian style stands out. Silver embroidered jewelry is in demand in some periods, while in some periods gold and rope bracelets have been the favorite of women.

Wristbands and bracelets are an accessory with lines to clarify your style, especially when it suits your clothing. In summer, more colorful macrame braiding beads and several bracelets made side by side are more popular. Thin chain elegant bracelets, as always, are among the indispensable of women.

Men's stainless steell bracelets are the accessories that will reflect your style the most after the belt. The fashion of men's bracelets is different every year as in women's bracelets. In the 2020 men's bracelets fashion, metal bracelets with thick bracelets are generally noteworthy. Also you can bu zinc alloy belt buckles from us.

  • Quality always shows itself.
  • So please contact us for high quality wholesale men and women bracelets manufacturers.
  • Eyka is one of the Best Quality Custom Wrishband Manufacturer in this sector.

For more information please contact us.

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