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As you know, the belt buckle is an industry that is never-ending and it requires worked hard. Because without a belt buckle, there is no belt. That's why belt buckle manufacturers are increasing day by day. As you know, the belt buckle is an apparatus that keeps the belt more stable and smooth. Therefore, the belt alone has no meaning without a buckle. Many companies manufacture belt buckles. Turkey has a very successful company in terms of belt buckle manufacturing. As a Turkish buckle manufacturer, we are here to give you the best services. Our belt buckles are anti-corrosive and long-lasting. We have different types of belt buckles in our product portfolio. Review our website and contact the best Turkish belt buckle producers.
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Turkish Buckle Manufacturers

Who is the Best Turkish Belt Buckle Producer?

We are proud of being in this sector for you.

Eyka Metal is Turkey's best belt buckle manufacturer. If you are looking for a Turkish belt buckle producers, Eyka is the right address for you. Because Eyka belt buckles are produced using high quality and durable materials. You can review our buckle catalog 2020 here. Also, we are belt buckles suppliers and exporters all over the world.

Eyka uses 2 kinds of materials in the production of belt buckles. These are a zinc alloy and brass alloy. Both materials are very reasonable and suitable for the production of belt buckles. Because, as you know, the belt buckle is a product that is constantly used in the open field and contact with bad weather conditions.

If you want your belt to be of good quality, the belt buckle should be of good quality. Because the belt buckle is the most important detail that shows the elegance of a belt.

That's why we produce wholesale belt buckles and we are in the best position as the Turkish belt buckle producer. So how should the belt buckle be? Why use zinc alloy and brass alloy? Let's explain to them.

How should the belt buckle be?

Now we will give you information about the zinc alloy and brass alloy we use in the production of belt buckles. Zinc and brass alloy are used as a coating on the belt buckle. These alloys;

  • It is resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • They do not corrode.
  • They prevent the belt buckle from changing color over time.
  • Stainless stell.
  • It has long lasting and quality view.

The most important feature required for a belt buckle is corrosion resistance. As a manufacturer that is aware of this, we choose highly durable and corrosion-free materials. In this direction, the wholesale belt buckles we produce are of a quality that can be used for many years.

As Turkish belt buckle producers, we are produced to be compatible with all kinds of belts. It is produced to adapt to different belt alternatives such as genuine leather belt, artificial leather belt, fabric belt.

Belt models can be different, but belt buckle models also differ. Turkish belt buckle manufacturer Eyka has many different belt buckles in its product portfolio.

  • Classic Belt Buckles
  • Plain belt buckles
  • Sport belt buckles
  • Western belt buckles
  • Custom belt buckles
  • Personalized belt buckles
  • Letter belt buckles
  • Branded belt buckles

As you can see, we can produce customized belt buckles, as well as brand-specific and classic model belt buckles. If you contact us, we will make a price quote for the belt buckles you want. So, After agreeing on the price, we will start the samples.

When the sample is finished, we will send it to you. If the sample needs to be changed later, you can give us feedback. We will make a pre-production sample for you as a final example before mass production. Then we will start mass production for you.

Our production process is quite simple. We work with a fast and high-quality production concept. As the Turkish belt buckle producer, we introduce you to the real address of quality. Just contact us for the most beautiful belt buckles.

We are here for wholesale belt buckle manufacture with high quality and reasonable price. In addition to the production of belt buckles, we can also produce belt screws and bag accessories. So, you can get support from us in this regard. We do everything we can to integrate an arch.

Turkey Metal Belt Buckle

If you ask why I should choose Turkish belt buckle producer, we can summarize as follows; Eyka;

  • For quality assurance, we use a team of quality control teams who perform quality control at different production stages, from raw material supply to the final delivery of the products.
  • So, With more than 15 years of experience, we provide metal accessories for belts, bags, garments.
  • We produce 1 million metal accessories monthly.
  • We accurately control market trends. And with product updates, we strive to keep up with the international fashion line faster.
  • We have been manufacturing the highest quality belt buckles since 2002.
  • We use state-of-the-art machinery by following the sectoral developments.
  • Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction by producing the highest quality and most durable belt buckles.

As you can see, the selection of the Turkish belt buckle manufacturer will be quite right for you. For more information, please contact Eyka. Eyka is Turkey's best producer of belt buckles companies.

That’s why you should choose us as belt buckle manufacturing. So, we will support you and answer all kinds of questions in your minds.

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